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Amutha Saravanan's love affair with ceramics flourished when she experienced motherhood. It was then that she created BellyPot™, a novel idea that brought joy to hundreds of expectant parents. She added baby prints and paw prints to her repertoire.

Amutha’s creations are inspired by contours, natural imperfections and vibrant colours. 

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Super fun date making a belly pot with Amu! We are going to have a very fun kiwi fruit bowl! We giggled our way through and I discovered something about my handsome husband I hadn't known. Highly recommended for couples looking for something fun to do on a date while waiting for baby. Amu is the best! She is super helpful to get the creative juices flowing and full of passion, a wonderful human! It feels so important in our super connected glued to our phone lives to make space to do fun creative things together as a couple to nourish connection and alignment, especially before things get busy with baby. Thank you Amu! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Red Miller


The experience of making a BellyPot™ has been extremely fun. Amu came to our apartment and she made me and my family feel super easy and excited about the entire experience. My husband and I had a lot of fun decorating the pot. Amu has done a wonderful job in converting our ideas into the artistic pot we were dreaming about. It is such a great memory of the wonderful experience of welcoming our daughter into our lives.
Thank you Amu!



I’m so deeply grateful for the special role Amu played in my blessingway this afternoon. Thank you so much, Amu, for your presence, your materials and your warmth. This was a first for everyone and they all had such a beautiful time together! 🙏🏼✨💛

Stacey Lee


Thank you for such a lovely session making the BellyPot™  with my girlfriends. The process was so comfortable and fun. Looking forward to receiving the final end product. I will definately recommend it to all pregnant families and friends.



Today we made a clay BellyPot™  with Amutha Saravanan - it was the most fun we've had since we found out I'm pregnant. Dominic and I realized that while we've done a lot of baby related activities, they were all necessary -prenatal classes, setting up the house, doctors visits - but this is the first time we've done something just for fun, just for us, to enjoy the pregnancy.

I can't tell you how good and relaxed I feel now, we laughed and talked so much, and really bonded with baby, who was moving around under the deliciously cool clay the whole time. Thank you Amu!!! Can't wait to see the finished product (and then to see if our finished product still fits inside of the belly bowl after being born 😂)!

We really appreciated the fact that she came all the way to our place, it's so hard to find prenatal bonding activities because of circuit breaker -this really gave us a chance to get excited about meeting our little person. ❤️ If you're in Singapore, I strongly recommend contacting Amooo's - she also does baby and children's footprints and other clay projects. Best day of my pregnancy so far! 

Cora Dean


Thank you dear Amu for making our first ever artsy fartsy family experience a truly fun and wonderful one!! It was soooo much more meaningful simply because we were allowed to think of the design and colours every step of the way!! It made us that much more connected to this beautiful little item! We will now have something gorgeously memorable to hang on our wall and a story behind to tell to our son!! Thank you for being so warm and hospitable and for making our little one feel so so comfortable as well!! We will definitely be getting some vouchers for our nephews and nieces!!
Lots of love, Papa Chris, Mummy Letitia and Baby Zeus!!



We had a lovely time making our gorgeous pieces. Amu was very warm and took the effort to explain what would be happening and let us take our time too. She also quickly made our toddler feel at ease and all in all, it was a very enjoyable and peaceful experience. Working with clay is a wonderfully therapeutic experience.



An arty morning at Amooo's studios. Been wanting to do hand prints for a long time. Finally found the perfect place to get it done!

Ying Yih



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