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BellyPotTM making is a pleasurable experience for mum, dad and baby as well as a special, novel and unique way to capture one’s journey into parenthood. In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity for prenatal bonding. The experience is calming and an avenue for dads to be more involved in the pregnancy. Parents are encouraged to decorate their own pots and write little notes of wisdom for their unborn baby while enjoying some quiet couple time together. In addition, these pots are functional and make excellent serving bowls or platters depending on which stage of pregnancy they were made at.

BellyPotTM (Home Visit)

    1. Prices start from $500 onwards depending on the specifications. Only home visits with strict COVID-19 protocols moving forward.
    2. Once you have purchased your BellyPotTM/BellyPotsTM, I will get in touch with you to fix your appointment within 24 hours of your purchase.
    3. Upon confirmation of our appointment, an information pack with details of the process will be sent to you via email. 
    4. I will contact you via your handphone number for an appointment.
    5. $25 delivery fee applicable for sending your special creation to you.
    6. $20 for additional glass pieces on your ceramic BellyPotTM creation.

email: amooos.an.original@gmail.com

mobile: +65 82887987

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